Lacerta MGEN-II Superguider

Lacerta MGEN-II Autoguider Camera
with remote and stand alone functions

Lacerta MGEN 50mm Set

Lacerta MGEN-II Superguider
with 50mm Finder and Guidescopeholder

Lacerta MGEN Guide Set

Lacerta MGEN-II Superguider
with 50mm Guidescope and Holder

Lacerta MGEN OAG Set

Lacerta MGEN-II Superguider
with Lacerta Off-Axis-Guider


The MGEN Autoguider not only uses small pixels (4.7µm) but also a unique algorithm of unrivaled accuracy of 1/50 pixel for guiding. The algorithm is developed by a Hungarian professor for artificial intelligence (AI). No other device comes even close to that accuracy – it’s outstanding and unique.


The MGEN Autoguider offers the Random Displacement command. The Telescope is moved between exposures for just a few pixel, thus resulting in hot-pixels to disappear and lower general noise when adding (stacking) multiple exposures. Using MGENs random displacement function increases overall image quality, it can even make dark frames obsolete!

Camera Control

The MGEN Autoguider directly controls your DSLRs exposure series. No remote control release necessary. You can even control CCD Cameras exposures by software.


MGENs Sensor (Sony ICX279AL-E) is very sensitive. You can easily guide on 11mag faint stars at 1sec exposure time. . Even 12mag stars are possible – at a field of 1.5° diagonal!

Drift Alignment (Scheiner Method)

Setting up your mount and make a very accurate polar alignment in just a few minutes with a digital application of the Scheiner Method (drift alignment). By measuring the stars drift, the MGEN Autoguider calculates the misalignment and you can easily correct it using the built in display (live view). That’s especially important for portable (travel) mounts where good polar alignment often is tricky to achieve.

Full control

Guiding-graphs in live-view on MGENs display, detailed analysis of every guide movement by MGEN Software (Windows)


MGEN is compatible with a number of applications:

APT – Astro Photography Tool: Guiding and Dithering
MaximDL: Dithering can bet triggered by MGEN2MAXIM
Astrel8300 Standalone CCD Camera: Triggers dithering via USB
…and there is more to come!

Stand alone or Remote Mode

MGEN can be used stand alone (without any computer, just hand-control) or remote in observatory mode by a remote PC via USB connection. Even On / Off switch is remote manageable.

Stand alone Mode: Everything manageable on the hand-box – just a 12V Power supply needed.
Remote Mode: Especially for remote sites / observatories. Everything can be controlled on a PC on a graphical user interface – even on / off switch is remote manageable.


The GUI is available in these languages:
* German
* English
* Spanish (*NEW*)
* French
* Hungarian