Power Splitter deLUXe

Power distributor box with 7 outputs:
4 x 12V (e.g., for MGEN, CCD camera, …)
2 x 1 to 12V adjustable (PWM e.g. for dew heaters, Flat Field Box, etc.)
1 x USB (5V / 1A  e.g. for USB Focus)

POWER Splitter and Dimmer

Flicker-free Splitter-Dimmer for Flat Field Box, electroluminescence foils, telescope heating, lighting etc.
Input between 1 and 24V, output continuously between 0% and 100%

EQ8 Cable

Power cable for Power Splitter, Power Splitter deLUXe and EQ8 with built-in 5A fuse

Cable RCA 5521

Power cable 200cm (from Power Splitter deLUXe box to EQ6, MGEN, etc)


Powercable between 6V / 12V battery and HEQ5 / EQ-6 / MGEN / PowerSplitDim2, etc


Crocodile clip power cable for car batteries for Skywatcher and other compatible telescopes.

CigCab v3

Power cable 2m long.
From Powertank to standard EQ6 (5,5mm/2,1mm/middle positiv) with 5A fuse.


Cold resistant cable USB – USBmini for MGEN, Canon EOS etc


Cold resistant cable ST4-ST4 for all Autoguider (MGEN, ALCCD5, LVI, SynGuider etc…) between Autoguider and mount


Cold resistant, 2m RJ45-RJ45 cable for MGEN (between handcontroller and MGEN-Camera) or SynScan Handcontroller (between handcontroller and mount)